S. Oronzo – Once Upon A Time The Feast

Project Details

Title: S. Oronzo – Once Upon A Time The Feast Year: 2018 Location: Lecce

Our intention with this luminarie project is to bring back the tradition of the patronal feast in the city. The luminous decorations are positioned along the entire external perimeter of the square and not only inside the oval. The theme of the illuminations is ‘Il Giardinetto’ – The Small Garden – and the return to the tradition: in the past, the feast committees asked the luminaristi to create ‘the garden for the square’, meaning the famous spalliera, that is, the perimeter in which they tried to highlight the size of the entire area. So, just like 40 years ago, MarianoLight’s luminarie embellish the large square and leave room for the Cassarmonica, located next to the newsstand to bring the band back to the square during the days of the feast.

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