Las Fallas – Floreal

Project Details

Title: Las Fallas – Floreal Year: 2012 Location: Valencia

This year, the lighting of the Luminarie was marked by the rhythm of the exciting song “Buongiorno a te” (Good morning to you) sung by Luciano Pavarotti, a choice also aimed to emphasize our Italian brand.
Who participated at the first lighting could appreciate the introduction of a new technique, applied for the first time to the Luminarie: the dimming, which allowed to smooth the intensity of light, modulating it on the background music and its rhythm.
For the realization of the Luminarie we used 1,400,000 LED bulbs, the new technology that provides energy savings and environmental respect.
In particular, the project is inspired by the theme of the Falla Cuba Y Literato Azorin “Floreal” and its colorful flowers. You can see a virtual scenery, there is an impressive entrance, a magic door, which leads into an elegant Palace of Light, in the Renaissance style. At the center of the two towers, a star rises and takes the colors of Valencia: red, blue and yellow.
You walk in a triumphant triple tunnel, then you arrive in an Enchanted Garden, where you can admire a breathtaking composition of Light Flowers, their colors are shimmering and they encase the Falla “Floreal”. You can also join the Falla along a flourished gallery, the Chantilly Gallery.
Our objective was to create a scenery that reminded of Spring through the combination of bright colors and floral shapes, to infuse the feeling of being in a fantastic place, halfway between dream and reality, an “Enchanted Garden”, where you can feel the childish serenity and joy.

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