Light Festival – Basilica Madonna dei Martiri

Project Details

Title: Light Festival – Basilica Madonna dei Martiri Year: 2020 Location: Molfetta

The imposing and elegant pediment that embellishes the square in front of the Basilica of the Madonna dei Martiri in Molfetta is lit up by the artistic lights of MarianoLight.
Friday 14 August The lighting of the lights in Preview, in the churchyard of the Basilica together with the solemn enthronement of the simulacrum of Maria SS dei Martiri for the 2020 patronal feast in Molfetta.
From design to implementation, MarianoLight searches for the most suitable design to decorate the majestic facade of the church with a suitable pediment, without obscuring and canceling the existing architecture, but with the ultimate aim of enhancing it.

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