S. Nicola – We Share The Same Sun

Project Details

Title: S. Nicola – We Share The Same Sun Year: 2018 Location: Maglie

We are Rays of the same Sun.
“Our brother, Master Sun, beautiful and radiant, In all his splendour Who brings the day and the light” reveals to the eyes of the simple men, but able to see the essential, the luminous image of God, since “He brings meaning of You, Oh Most High”. Our installation is inspired by the Hymn to Brother Sun, Ode to God and Hymn to Life, and by the sense of brotherhood of this Canticle, without distinction of sex or skin color.
Sun: diameter 24 m; Light rays: 16 of 31 m; LED lamps: 135,000; RGB lamps 50,000 – 147 DMX universes
Cables length: 12 Km

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