S. Domenica – The Night Reveals

Project Details

Title: S. Domenica – The Night Reveals Year: 2016 Location: Scorrano

Luminarie Scorrano Santa Domenica 2016: ‘The day shows, the night reveals.’ And nothing is as it seems!
“The day shows, the night reveals” …And nothing is as it seems! In this new project we had fun playing with the lights and with many prospects and only the night will reveal the magic of something unexpected! Traditional Luminarie consist of a large and flourished portal 22 m high and 18 m large followed by a tunnel forming a portico 60 m long. After the portico the gallery with arches develops for more than 440 m. For the first time we will use 35,000 RGB lamps with ‘ArtNet’ technology, 205 universes and 128 traditional DMX channels working together for the lighting of tradition and innovation, to light up your imagination!
We had to choose the Santa Domenica Patronal Feast to present this new technology!

Technical Data
H 22m – W 18m – L 500 m – LAMPS 400k – P 40 kW
Design: 22d – Programming: 25d 3men – Installation: 25d 10men

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