Pitti Immagine Uomo – Italia Meravigliosa

Project Details

Title: Pitti Immagine Uomo – Italia Meravigliosa Year: 2008 Location: Florence

“Italia Meravigliosa” is the theme of the 75th edition of Pitti Immagine Uomo.

Designed by architect and designer Oliviero Baldini, the installation entitled “Italia Meravigliosa” is a tribute ironic and post-contemporary to the Italian tradition of luminarie, but it is also a statement of optimism and a warm welcome to the community of Pitti Uomo 2009.

The lights MarianoLight accompanied the guests of Pitti Uomo 2009, but also of Pitti Bimbo and Pitti Filati, with 18 installations with a deconstructed character, creating a “site under construction” to emphasize the hard work of our people.

18 installations, three containers with over 1000 frame of luminarie , 800 wooden poles of various sizes, as well as several hanks of electrical cables, ladders and other equipment, these are the numbers of this realization.

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