Naturalis – The Rebirth Of The Olive Tree

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Title: Naturalis – The Rebirth Of The Olive Tree Year: 2020 Location: Martano

The owner, Mr. Domenico, turned to us for the creation of the logo of his structure in traditional luminaria, which is an Aloe from which he draws the ingredients for the production of his cosmetics.
During the visit of the beautiful structure he told us how its beautiful centuries-old olive trees, we were mortally struck by the Xylella that left only the skeletons of the majestic creatures that we are used to seeing in our countryside.
From an idea of rebirth thanks to light, created by a skilled botanist with a graft of branches, the centuries-old olive tree was reborn.
A bright new perspective, full of hopes, references and positive emotions.
A real emotion for us who have been part of this rebirth.

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