Las Fallas – Projects 2001 – 2012

Project Details

Title: Las Fallas – Projects 2001 – 2012 Year: 2012 Location: Valencia

Every year, in the first half of March, the famous Las Fallas festival takes place in the lively Spanish city of Valencia to celebrate the arrival of spring. A very attended and expected event that the company MarianoLight can not miss, presenting its majestic and glittering architecture that illuminated the allegorical sculptures from 2001 until today.
Here a collection of projects ranging from 2001 until 2012.

In order of appearance:

2001: Covered Gallery
2002: Enchanted Castle
2003: Royal Peacock Gallery
2004: Los Jardines Des Babilonia
2005: Les Torres Des Serranos
2006: Magic Illusion of Light
2007: Los Jardines Valencianos
2008: Cielo de Valencia
2009: Dreaming of Venice
2010: Light Reflections
2011: Light Architectures
2012: Floreal

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