Bulgari – Plaza 66 Serpenti Freestanding

Project Details

Title: Bulgari РPlaza 66 Serpenti Freestanding Year: 2013 Location: Shanghai

The coils of a snake on a steel frame like a leaf light up the night in Shanghai with their intense bright lights, and in the morning the propitiatory sculpture embellish the center of Plaza 66, the temple of fashion most populated city in the world.
Two tons of steel distributed over a leaf-shaped frame of ten branches that is over thirteen meters high and its maximum diameter is of eight meters. The structure lays on a steel and cement circular plate with a diameter of five meters, the total weigh is over five tons. The bright reptile has an iron skeleton, its weigh is about 800 kilos, the snake is lighted up by 63.600 LED micro-lights LED and 1728 meters of light rope, including head and tail.

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