Bulgari – Fiorever Tree

Project Details

Title: Bulgari – Fiorever Tree Year: 2018 Location: Dubai

The Fiorever Tree, designed and realized by MarianoLight, takes its shape from the new jewellery collection of the renowned Italian fashion house Bulgari.
Conical shaped with a decagonal base, the Fiorever tree is 9.3 m high, has a base diameter of 4.25 m and weighs 1100 kg. With more than 8.500 lamps and 2.500 micro-lights for a consumption of only 2.5 kW, it illuminates the Christmas of Dubai, at the Bulgari Resort Hotel on the island of Jumeirah, with the typical lights of Salento, in a marriage between the tradition of Italian Christmas holidays and that of the Salentinian patronal festivals. And not only there: the Fiorever tree has also a twin in Seoul, Korea, at the Hyundai Pangyo Mall, and a smaller version illuminates the Bulgari Hotel in Beijing, China.

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