Bahia – Interior Apulian Wireless Lamps

Project Details

Title: Bahia – Interior Apulian Wireless Lamps Year: 2020 Location: Porto Cesareo

On the enchanting beach of Porto Cesareo in Salento, a marina recognized as one of the best on the Ionian coast and which boasts well-equipped luxury beach bars, the new line of wireless, fully battery-powered interior design lamps embellishes and gives a truly unique ambient light to the prestigious Lido Bahia, signed by the historical luminarie company MarianoLight. With baroque shapes and deeply rooted in the Salento tradition, the Pumo, The Cactus, The Rosace Fior di Margherita and the great Prickly Pear light up the lounge and the restaurant Bahia Maison every evening. Each element is recognizable by the engraved ML1898 brand that identifies our lights, entirely Made In Italy and Handmade by our skilled craftsmen for more than 120 years, result of the continuous research and innovation to create an avant-garde and high quality product of high aesthetic, with the attention to detail that finally ascribes the luminarie lights to the circle of interior design product.


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