The Decennial Celebrations of the Virgin of the Candle – Omega

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Title: The Decennial Celebrations of the Virgin of the Candle – Omega Year: 2021 +1 Location: Valls

Valls, Spain, from 28 January until 6 February 2022. The “Festes de la mare de Deu de la Candela” is celebrated every ten years with public games, shows with famous acrobats from all over Europe, events and internationally important fireworks to remember the many healing miracles performed by Our Lady of the Church of this charming town. From biennial festival in 1801, it has become a festival that is celebrated every ten years. Awarded in 1991 the title of ” Festa tradicional d’interès nacional “, is now one of the most important celebrations of Spain, millions of faithful pilgrims and devotees take part in the 13 days of celebration. We proudly present below some pictures of the projects that will be realized for the celebration. More than 320,000 colored lights illuminate the town square, creating a castle of light inside which there will be different games and shows; for this reason, the traditional system of assembly of wooden poles with the galvanized iron wires has been replaced with a special and specifically designed anchoring system.

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