S. Domenica – Arte Dinamica

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Title: S. Domenica – Arte Dinamica Year: 2015 Location: Scorrano

‘Art is dynamic, Beauty is eternal!’
This is the first time that MarianoLight uses the RGB technology in its magnificent luminarie installations.

It’s the story of a journey, a path, that is a narrative of the architectural deeds of Men starting from the beginning, going through the Present and suggesting a possible Future. Our journey starts from the element in the background, the Cube of Light; it is the smallest pixel of our image, the original brick, and the foundation from which everything takes shape. It continues with Dolmens, megalithic structures very simple but with a metaphysical nature that establish a connection with the Divine, in the earthly world if used as temples, in the afterlife if used as funerary monuments. MarianoLight is inspired by these ancient architectures and reinterprets them in a geometric gallery composed by 5 portals / Dolmens that, starting from the Cube of Light, gradually get bigger and introduce its logical development, that is the Cyclopean Maya pyramid, a colossal structure 25 meters high, full of countless astrological references of grandeur. This journey does not have an end; it reaches out to the Future, represented by the two Rotating Towers, symbol of the avant-garde architecture of our times. The two Rotating Towers are composed by 20 squares of rectangular frames that rotate one after the other of 4.5 degrees, up to the height of 24.5 meters. The two Towers are connected to each other by a central and also rotating beam.
We can only invite you to enjoy the spectacular lightings to the rhythm of beautiful music! Enjoy your journey!

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