Marinella Senatore – Artistic lights for peace

Project Details

Title: Marinella Senatore – Artistic lights for peace Year: 2023 Location: Rome

The “Rome, Artist’s Lights for Peace” project has carefully chosen five significant places in Rome, both in the center and on the outskirts, to host light installations created by renowned contemporary Italian artists. Through this initiative, a powerful message of peace is conveyed, with the hope that the conflicts plaguing the world can reach a positive conclusion. Marinella Senatore, in collaboration with Marianolight, has positioned one of her iconic works on the facade of Palazzo Braschi. This work is inspired by traditional Apulian illuminations and conveys a significant message: “We rise by lifting others”. This declaration represents a call for solidarity between individuals and nations, underlining the importance of such solidarity as an essential condition for building lasting peace.

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