Art meets City – Marinella Senatore

Project Details

Title: Art meets City Year: 2022 Location: Baden Baden

In Germany, the Kurgarten in Baden-Baden is transformed into an open-air art gallery. In fact, from 15 July, Art meets city presents three works by the Italian artist Marinella Senatore, two of which were created specifically for the urban space of the small city.

The focus of the exhibition is one of the artist’s famous “Luminarie”, produced by Marianolight specifically for the facade of the Kurhaus.

Public involvement has always been a central theme in Senator’s practice. At the center of the Kurhaus Kolonnaden, the artist prepared a stage for the community: on the occasion of the ten years of the School of Narrative Dance (SOND), the itinerant participatory project, Marinella Senatore will offer the stage to the community, providing associations, musical groups, individuals and dance groups a collective creative space. Finally, the work of art “Bodies in Alliance” will be set up in the middle of the Kurgarten, accompanied by a quote from the philosopher Judith Butler who invites visitors to start a dialogue with the work and become part of it.


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