S. Filippo e Giacomo – Invito a Palazzo

Dettagli Progetto

Titolo: S. Filippo e Giacomo – Invito a Palazzo Anno: 2015 Luogo: Diso

In Diso, a small town of Salento, one of the most important feast of southern Italy takes place every year. Devotion to the Saints Philip and James is deeply felt and the entire town glows with Pharaonic installations of Luminarie. MarianoLight realized, just in Diso, the most important lighting projects. From the incadescent lamps to the LED ones, from the height of the structures up to three-dimensional Luminarie. Below is a selection of images to witness our projects.
Technical Data: Poles: 650; Height: 24 m; Length of ceiling cover: 50 m; Chandelier: h 12 m, d 8 m, 45 cylinders with 50,000 microled.
1 Tower of 23 m and 2 Towers of 21 m; Lamps: 850.000; Total consumption: 140 kW. Channels for the musical lighting: 70

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