S. Domenica – The Stargate

Project Details

Title: S. Domenica – The Stargate Year: 2014 Location: Scorrano

A project of ephemeral architecture directly inspired by the film “The Stargate” written and directed by Roland Emmerich. We built the pyramid-shaped spaceship, that teleports humans with a light beam, and the Stargates, the ring-shaped portals that can connect almost instantly two points in the immensity of space, creating an artificial tunnel where the matter travels decomposed into atoms and is reconstructed in its original form at the final destination. This installation will bring you a million light years from Earth. Will you be able to come back?
Technical details: Pyramid diagonal 45 m; length 32 m; height 25 m; Poles: 112; Power consumption: 38.000 W; Lamps: 700.000.

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