Piazza Castello – Luminarie Tree

Project Details

Title: Piazza Castello – Luminarie Tree Year: 2017 Location: Turin

The Tree of Light, the massive project of Luminarie by Marianolight, after Piazza Sant’Oronzo in Lecce, will join the city of Turin and welcome the people of Turin and the increasing number of tourists with its magic and fascinating plays of light.
The City of Turin, in the context of “Natale con iFiocchi” included in the project “Luci d’Artista”, has chosen the 18 m high tree , entirely covered with lights designed by Marianolight as the symbol of Christmas.The tree combines the symbol of Christmas holidays with the warmth of the summer “feste” of Salento.The Luminarie Tree designed by Marianolight projects the potential of crafts, art and culture of our Land and the warmth of our people in Piazza Castello, becoming the backdrop of most of the Christmas activities of the city.
It is 18,5 m high , its diameter is 9 m; its structure is made of galvanized iron, weighs 4800 kg, 11 m^3 of fir wood were used for 111 light elements that compose the Tree: multicolored “rosoncini” follow one after the other in circle. More than 20.000 Led bulbs guarantee the light.

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