Las Fallas – Invito A Palazzo

Project Details

Title: Las Fallas – Invito A Palazzo Year: 2013 Location: Valencia

The Winter burns in Valencia with its fallas, makes room for the Spring and it does so by awakening the light of man. An immense light, which shines and illuminates its calles, from which you can see a castle, entirely covered with fine gold, shining stones, a spectacle for the eyes. An interweaving of lamps embroidered in perfect geometries and embraced by the wisdom of wood. An exorcising light against anguish for regeneration: the light of MarianoLight Luminarie.
Technical data: Length: 50 m; Height: 26 m; Lamps E14: 272.000; Microlights: 528.000; Poles: 650; Consumption: 140 kW.

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