Kobe Luminarie – Kobe in My Heart

Project Details

Title: Kobe Luminarie – Kobe in My Heart Year: 2015 Location: Kobe

Marianolight installs the traditional Luminarie of Salento in Kobe, the city where every year the Festival of Light takes place (from December 4 till 13) to commemorate the victims of the disastrous earthquake happened in 1995.
A great project for an event visited by millions of people: the Administration of the City of Kobe, who honored us with a visit first in Valencia and then in Corigliano d’Otranto last March, preferred the Marianolight’s LED lights where the old incandescent bulbs were used.
For the first time it will be installed a hanging sky and for the first time, there will be the lighting of the Luminarie synchronized with music, with typical Italian lyrics and even Salentine ones! Proud of our Land, we also bring the Pizzica in the country of the Rising Sun.

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