Christmas in Lecce – Luminarie Tree

Project Details

Title: Christmas in Lecce РLuminarie Tree Year: 2011 Location: Lecce

It began as a dream, with the vision of a Christmas tree that reconciled the symbol of the Christmas tradition with that of the summer ‘parties’ in Salento, installed in this square of such wide scope, also a symbol for the city of Lecce.
And the ‘M’illumino di Salento’ project was born, which in our intentions wants to convey the light of this land, the artisan, artistic and cultural potential of its inhabitants, their “industriousness”, represented by the skill in carving wood as if it were an embroidery, a lace, enriched by many small colored lights, a ‘sustainable’ light, thanks to the use of LED technology, with low energy consumption.

Some data: height 24 m, diameter 10 m, galvanized iron for the structure 5,300 kg, fir wood for the 12 m3 light elements, 48,000 LED bulbs, fully dimmable ignition.

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