Carrefour – Albero Sorridente

Project Details

Title: Carrefour – Albero Sorridente Year: 2016 Location: Valencia

The Luminarie Tree of Marianolight, one of the most beautiful 25 Christmas Tree in the world, so admired and photographed at Piazza Castello in Turin, was the inspiration for the project Carrefour “L’Albero Sorridente”, a charitable initiative aimed at raising funds to be donated to the Department of Pediatric Surgery of the IRCCS Foundation, the “Policlinico San Matteo” in Pavia.
The children of the area were involved drawing the Tree of their dreams and a jury of experts selected the best tree.
From the press: “In the jury that will choose the drawing to be faithfully realized as the big tree in the Carrefour parking lot, two important names stand out: Marco Lodola, artist from Pavia of international fame and Lucio Mariano from Salento, owner of Marianolight, the company that will realize the imposing structure linked to the project that is recognized all over the world for the beauty and uniqueness of the wonderful Salento luminarie exported to the most beautiful cities in the world”.

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