Bracciano Lake – Giant Light Display

Project Details

Title: Bracciano Lake – Giant Light Display Year: 2010 Location: Rome

A majestic painting of light – 15 m. X 10 m. of height for a total of about 800 meters of LED light tube – floating, as in a spell, on the waters of Bracciano lake, created by MarianoLight for the Municipality of Trevignano, during the celebrations of the patron saint, Our Lady of the Assumption.
Particular research was carried out by MarianoLight for the realization of this light scenography, for which it has had to prepare a self-supporting structure, installed on a floating platform.
The scenography has two reading levels: on the top, two angels rejoicing that accompany the image of the Madonna, while below a bucolic setting with hills, shrubs, the lake shore, a small church and a cave in the distance.
A poetic iconography, that the light of LEDs define in an immediate and suggestive way.

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