Valencia Falla Cuba y Literato Azorin

Every year, in the first half of March, in the vibrant Spanish city of Valencia takes place the famous festival “Las Fallas”, it is a festival to celebrate the arrival of spring. People look forward for it and enjoy it very much. In 2017 Marianolight  and its impressive and glittering architecture could not miss the event, we light on Falla Cuba Literato Azorin.


2018 “Kaleidoscope”

Second Prize “Calles Illuminadas” in Falla Cuba y Literato Azorín.

(καλός “beautiful”, εἶδος “shape” and σκοπέω “see”)

As if you are looking through a great Kaleidoscope, we fascinate the viewers with our multicolored rhythmic visions. A journey into a fantasy world, where pure ideas form fanciful scenarios. Starting from our symbol of excellence, the “Rosone”, and rotating the ‘tube’ until you get into the next world, and then into the next one…

• Central Rosone of 24 meters diameter
• 16 side scenes starting from 6 meters till 20 meters of height
• LED lamps: 160,000
• MATRIX Pixels: 55,000

2017 “The Squaring of the Circle: the day shows, the night reveals… And nothing is as it seems!”
First Prize “Calles Illuminadas” in Falla Cuba y Literato Azorín.

The project is the result of playing with the ‘forms’ of the Luminarie and starts form the idea of ‘solving’ one of the great problems dating back to the origins of geometry: the “squaring of the circle”.
During its designing, an idea is coming off: if the circle represents the sky, from the unalterable circular motion, and the square represents the Earth that is the stability and the static nature, by attempting to visualize the transition from the square to the circle, from Earth to Heaven, we found out another symbol, the Heart!
Our solution to the ‘squaring of the circle’ is the Heart that is Love!
Moreover, the position of this Heart in our project is meaningful, it’s the 6th portal. The number 6 is a magic number, rich in significance: it represents the perfect balance and the absolute love; it’s the number of harmony and beauty. In Valencia it aims to express the love of the city and its citizens for their Madonna of Desamparados and it will be set out with the ignition of the beating Heart of Lights.
A brand new installation consisting in a LED wall, which is fully integrated with traditional Luminarie. The whole project creates very exclusive sound and lighting effects: for the first time we will use 80,000 RGB changing color lights, they are programmed by a special software that allows us to create amazing light effects modulated on the rhythm of songs specially chosen to reveal the emotion of this project.

Nr. 12 ‘circles’ of 6.5 mts diameter
Nr. 1 three-dimensional ‘square’ 24.5 mts high and 12.5 mts wide
Total Led lamps and micro lamps: 920,000
Traditional DMX channels: 131
RGB lamps: 80,000
Artnet channels: 50,000
Power consumption: 65 kW
Designing days: 15 days
Sound and light programming days: 18 days for three technicians
Installation Days: 20 days for averagely ten installers

2016 “El arte es dinámica, la Belleza es eterna!”   First Prize “Calles Illuminadas” at Falla Cuba y Literato Azorín. 

The realized project is titled “”El arte es dinámica, la Belleza es eterna!” and it’s the story of a journey, the narrative of architectural feats of Men starting from the Beginning, going through the Present it suggests a possible Future, starting from the consideration that the ancient human activity continues to be a source of inspiration for modern architecture. Our journey starts from the element in the background, the Cube of Light; it is the smallest pixel of our image, the original brick, and the foundation from which everything takes shape. It continues with Dolmens, megalithic structures very simple but with a metaphysical nature that establish a connection with the Divine, in the earthly world if used as temples, in the afterlife if used as funerary monuments. MarianoLight is inspired by these ancient architectures and reinterprets them in a geometric gallery composed by 5 Portals / Dolmens that, starting from the Cube of Light, the smallest element that composes them, gradually get bigger and reaches out to the Future, represented by the two Rotating Towers, such as avant-garde architecture at the service of man and his new and old needs, even greatness.

The light show has been programmed with a specific software : a LED Light Controller operating by modulating the brightness, dynamics and color of each LED and showing more than 16 million colors, achieving a new vision for lighting. For the first time in Valencia, musical lighting has been controlled by more than 100 DMX channels.


2015 ” The Stargate “

MarianoLight was inspired by the feature film written and directed by Roland Emmerich, “The Stargate”.

The project consists of a portal that reproduces the typical shape of a Mayan pyramid and ends with a portal that recalls instead the Egyptian pyramids. The connecting “tunnel” symbolizes the theory that the Egyptian pyramids and Mayan are”connected” to each other because they were built according to the same pattern and reproduce the stars of the constellation of Orion.
Enjoy the plays of light and you feel like being “transported” into another reality, into another galaxy.

Gracias a Guida Valencia y Ximo Fortea

Technical Details: Project “Stargate”

Maya Pyramid: height. 24.50mt
Poles Nr. 150
Rosoni of 5mt: 12 pc
Rosoni of 4mt: 12 pc
Electrical load: 105.000-watt
Lamps and Micro-lamps: 605.000

Dimmer channels for the musical lighting: 92


2014 “Il fin …la meraviglia!”


Con el deseo a reelaborar las estructuras de luz tradicionales para crear una atmósfera nueva y mágica ‘, nació el proyecto
“Il fin …la meraviglia!”
que quiere transportar al espectador a una dimensión onírica, donde el tiempo está suspendido..
Esta es la nueva emoción que queremos crear, la sensación de estar en un lugar mágico y separado de la realidad, donde las escenas y los colores cambian, sin previo aviso, creando una “maravilla”.
La luz italiana por las vistas, los sonidos y ritmos españoles para la audición, un matrimonio fantástico y feliz, para una experiencia del corazón!


With the desire to rework traditional light structures to create new and magical atmosphere, and the project took form…
“the purpose … the wonder!” it wants to carry the viewer into a dreamlike dimension, where time is suspended.

This is the new emotion we want you to feel. You’re in a magical place and detached from reality, where scenes and colors suddenly change generating “the wonder”.

Italian light for the sight, sound and Spanish rhythms for hearing, a fantastic and happy marriage for an experience of the heart!


2013 INVITATION TO THE PALACE – 1st prize “Calles iluminadas”

1st prize – lighting Valencia 2013

It burns the winter in Valencia … it burns with its fallas …  it gives way to the spring and people awake of light… An immense light shines and illuminates its calles … you can see a castle, entirely covered with gold, shining stones that are a marvel for your eyes … a weaving of bulbs embroidered in perfect geometries and embrace the wisdom of the wood… an exorcising light for agonies… a refreshing light … the light of MarianoLight’s Luminarie.
“Technical Details: Depth of the covered gallery: 50m. – High: 26m. -  Nr. LED bulbs E14: 272.000 – Nr. Led micro-lights: 528.000 – Nr shafts: 650 – Total consumption: 140 KW


This year, the lighting of the Luminarie was marked by the rhythm of the exciting song “Buongiorno a te” (Good morning to you) sung by Luciano Pavarotti, a choice also aimed to emphasize our Italian brand.

Who participated at the first lighting  could appreciate the introduction of a new technique, applied for the first time to the Luminarie: the dimming, which allowed  to smooth the intensity of light, modulating it on the background music and its rhythm.

Overall, for the realization of the Luminarie we used 1,400,000 LED bulbs, the new choosed technology provides energy savings and environmental respect.

In particular, the project is inspired by the theme of the Falla Cuba Y Literato Azorin “Floreal” and its colorful flowers. You can see a virtual scenery, there is an impressive entrance, a magic door, which leads into an elegant Palace of Light, in the Renaissance style. At the center of the two towers, a star rises and takes the colors of Valencia: red, blue and yellow.

You walk in a triumphant triple tunnel, then you arrive in an Enchanted Garden, where you can admire a breathtaking composition of Light Flowers, their colors are shimmering and they encase the Falla “Floreal”. You can also join the Falla along a flourished gallery, the Chantilly Gallery.

Our purpose is to create a scenery that suggested the Spring through the combination of bright colors and that make you feel in a fantastic place, halfway between dream and reality, an “Enchanted Garden”, where you can feel the childish serenity and joy.





2011 Light architectures

For the 11th consecutive year, our company has won in Valencia the PRIMER PRIZE for the best lighting of Luminarie at Falla Cuba Literato Azorin.
Every night thousands and thousands of tourists are awaiting for the lighting show at the Falla, the lighting is synchronized with the musical notes of the most famous Italian melodies that are becoming popular also in Spain …


2010 light reflections

After 9 consecutive years our company had won the first prize for “Calle iluminada” at the Falla Sueca L.Azorin, in 2010 MarianoLight embarked on a new adventure, reaching an agreement with the president of Falla Cuba L. Azorin.
Great innovations for this scenary, including the crazy of sparkles created by the thousands of rombetti mirrors and swarovski crystals…