Scorrano (LECCE) – Festa patronale of Santa Domenica

Every year in Scorrano (Lecce), from July 5, in honor of Santa Domenica , a big show of Luminarie takes place. Majestic sculptures of light illuminate the center of the town of Salento that is visited by thousands of tourists and curious people for several days. Below you can see all our achievements of light. Marianolight realized for the first time in 2000 the vaulted Gallery in Scorrano. In 2003 and 2006 the Company presented the “suspended” Luminarie, in 2004 the tridimensional Luminarie. In 2008 Marianolight performed the musical lighting of synchronized Luminarie in Valencia, for this lighting were used only 3 synchronized effects, but with the project “Stargate” Marianolight arrange 210 dimmer channels synchronized to music! The desire to “overcome” the limits imposed by the nature of the structure of the Luminarie and create real “illusions” with light distinguishes us and is the motivation that drives our Company.

Luminarie Scorrano S. Domenica 2018: “Il Vero Cuore”

Marianolight installs “The True Heart” in Scorrano, the world capital of Luminarie.
A majestic illusion that, thanks to RGB lights and special software, creates fascinating lighting effects and offers dazzling animations on the rhythm of famous music from Salento and more.
For the first time the Luminarie will be completely interactive for thousands of spectators attending the festival. With ArtLight, an application specifically designed for smartphones in preview in the opening night, viewers can decide and choose different scenes, animations and effects to illuminate The True Heart. Therefore, they will become masters of light and of millions of lamps that will turn on by a simple command on the phone, even from the other side of the world.
MarianoLight is proud to present in its 120th anniversary once again a worldwide novelty in Scorrano with its installation “The True Heart” and ArtLight.


Luminarie Scorrano S. Domenica 2017: “Kaleidoscope”

(καλός “beautiful”, εἶδος “shape” e σκοπέω “see”)

As if you are looking through a great Kaleidoscope, we fascinate the viewers with our multicolored rhythmic visions.
A journey into a fantasy world, where pure ideas form fanciful symmetrical scenarios.
Starting from our symbol of excellence, the “Rosone”, and rotating the ‘tube’ until you get into the next world, and then into the next one…

• Central Rosone 24 meters diameter
• 16 side scenes starting from 6 meters till 20 meters of height
• LED  lamps nr. 160.000
• MATRIX Pixels nr. 65.000

Luminarie Scorrano Santa Domenica 2016: ‘The day shows, the night reveals.’ And nothing is as it seems!

“The day shows, the night reveals” …And nothing is as it seems! In this new project we had fun playing with the lights and with many prospects and only the night will reveal the magic of something unexpected! Traditional Luminarie consist of a large and flourished portal 22 meters high and 18 meters large followed by a tunnel forming a portico 60 meters long. After the portico the gallery with arches develops for more than 440 meters. For the first time we will use 35,000 RGB lamps with ‘ArtNet’ technology, 205 ‘universes’ and 128 traditional DMX channels working together for the lighting of tradition and innovation, to light up your imagination!
We had to choose the Santa Domenica Patronal Feast to present this new technology!


Maximum height: 22 meters
Width: mt 18
Length 500 mt
LED lamps: 400,000
Traditional DMX channels: 128
RGB lamps: 35,000 lighted up with “ArtNet” technology and 205 “universes”
ArtNet channels: 75.000
Total consumption: 40 kW

Design: 22 days
Audio / Light Programming: 25 days and 3 technicians
Installation: 25 days to an average of 10 installers

Photo Credit: Salvatore Marcucci and Riccardo Sergi

Luminarie Scorrano Santa Domenica 2015: ‘The Art is dynamic, the Beauty is eternal!’

It’s  the story of a journey, a path, that is a narrative of architectural feats of Men starting from the Beginning, going through the Present it suggests a possible Future, starting from the consideration that the ancient human activity continues to be a source of inspiration for modern architecture. Our journey starts from the element in the background, the Cube of Light; it is the smallest pixel of our image, the original brick, and the foundation from which everything takes shape. It continues with Dolmens, megalithic structures very simple but with a metaphysical nature that establish a connection with the Divine, in the earthly world if used as temples, in the afterlife if used as funerary monuments. MarianoLight is inspired by these ancient architectures and reinterprets them in a geometric gallery composed by 5 portals / Dolmens that, starting from the Cube of Light, the smallest element that composes them, gradually get bigger and introduce its logical development, that is the Cyclopean Maya pyramid, a colossal structure 25 meters high, full of countless astrological references of grandeur. This journey does not have an end; it reaches out to the Future, represented by the two Rotating Towers, such as avant-garde architecture at the service of man and his new and old needs, even greatness. The two Rotating Towers are composed by 20 squares of banisters that rotate one after the other of 4.5 degrees, up to the height of 24.5 meters. The two Towers are connected to each other by a central and also rotating beam. We can only invite you to enjoy the spectacular lightings to the rhythm of beautiful music! Enjoy your journey!

Scorrano (LECCE)   Festa patronale of Santa Domenica



Luminarie Scorrano Santa Domenica 2014: ‘The Stargate’

A project of ephemeral architecture directly based on the film “The Stargate” written and directed by Roland Emmerich. We built the pyramid-shaped spaceship, on which you are teleported by a light beam, and the Stargates, the ring-shaped portals that can connect almost instantly two points in the immensity of space, creating an artificial tunnel where the matter travels decomposed into atoms and is reconstructed in its original form at the final destination. This installation “bring you a million light years from Earth. You’ll be able to go back? ” Project “The Stargate” – Technical details: Pyramid: diagonal 45 mt; length 32 mt; height 25mt. Number of wooden poles: 112 Rosoni 8 mt: 14 pieces Rosoni 4 mt: 12 pieces Charge in watts 38.000 Lamps and Micro-lamps: 700.000 Inauguration on Saturday, July 5 at 9.00 pm EVENT CAR by RED BULL & SALENTO CALLS ITALY & MARIANOLIGHT Sunday, July 6, 11.30 pm: Live Set by SALENTO CALLS ITALY on the EVENT CAR of RED BULL. For the first time Special Guests, Music and synchronized Luminarie for a big and unique show. We are waiting for you and we enjoy together LIGHTS & MUSIC, REDBULL & SALENTOCALLS ITALY in the STARGATE of MarianoLight.

Luminarie Scorrano S. Domenica 2013

INVITATION TO PALACE – GREAT DANCE OF SANTA DOMENICA It’s an impressive structure composed of more than a million lamps and LED micro-lamps for a power consumption of only 130 kW. The Portal is 26 meters high. The main chandelier weighs 1,200 kilos and is 12 meters high, it consists of 150,000 LED micro-lamps changing color… it’s a luminous element that was the subject of countless photographs from every possible angle! Showing this Hall the visitor enjoy the charm of another era, he fells wrapped by the magical dimension of lights and sounds: it was exciting to see the dancers whirling on the waltzer, on the Beautiful Blue Danube of Strauss, and drifting into a romantic dream…. It was unbelievable to see the “dancing Luminarie” on the sound of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen and on the typical music of our magical Salento! A great success for the MarianoLight sculptures and for the “Festa of Santa Domenica” in Scorrano, hundreds of thousands of people from all over Italy and the World came for the event.   .

Luminarie Scorrano S. Domenica 2012

  THE PURITY OF FORMS, THE RESEARCH OF THE BEGINNINGS The idea of the project SOLID & LIGHTS paradoxically came out from the end of a path. After 114 years of projects, after experiencing the tradition and the evolution of the Luminarie of Salento, and their rich and elaborate style, after looking after the New and Futurism, the Entertainment and Amazement, MarianoLight needed to return to the study of the simplest forms, volumes, solids, structures at the base of each architectural project. Individual, majestic and colorful works, elementary shapes like the cube and rectangular, cylinder and cone, pyramid and sphere, made of poles and elements of classical Luminaria, in exposition in a sort of “art gallery” en plein air. A path that involves the viewers, and it enchants them back to the tradition of the Virtual Gallery, the Hall of another imaginary Palace, under a massive, glittering chandelier. All the works are illuminated by LED technology and the lighting of 225,000 lamps and 500,000 micro-lamps will be completely dimmed: the intensity of the lights will be determined by the sounds, as in a fanciful dance. Past and future, tradition and innovation, the search for simplicity of matter and form… On the sound of engaging music, we are invited to let our imagination run wild, we will see a magical world “lighting up”. On 5 July we also programmed a Live lighting at 10.30pm, there was the wonderful voice of Claudia Casciaro, the singer of Salento that we have known in popular talent show on Channel 5: a further tribute to the creativity and the fantasy of our beautiful region.

Luminarie Scorrano S. Domenica 2011

Every year MarianoLight takes part at the most important appointment of the season and presents unique and original scenographies. The musical lighting on the notes of a great master like Frank Sinatra and fireworks to enrich and better articulate the various stages of the lighting. But this year the lighting is particular for its combination of ancient and modern: the majestic medieval tower (over 20 meters high and 19 meters in diameter) positioned in the center of the square with a porch around the complex structure of contemporary architecture characterized by the gradual swing of the arches, like in a fairy tale…

Luminarie Scorrano S. Domenica 2010

The project was the lighting of Luminarie on music. In addition to the classic Luminarie were installed mirrors, Swarovski crystals, lights of different colors, LED micro-lamps, strobe lights and snowfalls.

Luminarie Scorrano S. Domenica 2008

Luminarie Scorrano S. Domenica 2007

Luminarie Scorrano S. Domenica 2005

Luminarie Scorrano S. Domenica 2004

Scorrano (LECCE)   Festa patronale of Santa Domenica

Luminarie Scorrano S. Domenica 2003

Luminarie Scorrano S. Domenica 2002