Notte della Taranta 2017

For the 20th anniversary of the Notte della Taranta, it was decided to bring back popular music with its sounds and its dances in the typical atmosphere of the village party.

The idea was to reproduce an imposing semicircular Cassarmonica: the arches mounted on the stage cover a surface of 400 square meters of lace and light carving and reach the height of 14 meters, 19 thousand colored LED lamps in two colors: blue like the sea and the sky of Salento, warm white as the light of our Land.

On the front of the stage a picture frame was also created, always with LED bulbs of the same colors, which outlines it and creates a real scenic effect of “painting” of this ‘square’ that will host the Orchestra, the dancers and the numerous guests.

The installation was designed by  Mr. Lucio Mariano of Marianolight in collaboration with the Director and Choreographer Mr. Luciano Cannito.


 La Notte della Taranta  2015

‘La Notte della Taranta ‘ is the most important cultural event of Italian popular music of the year, it took place last Saturday, August 22.
More than four hours for the show of the tarantula, the spider whose bite caused hysteria and convulsions in its victims who recovered only dancing to the rhythm of ‘pizzica’.
On the big stage the spider and its cobweb, designed by architect and designer Fabio Novembre and realized by MarianoLight, the Company in Salento for over a century.

The event included the participation of 200 thousand people who danced illuminated by 12 million RGB lights, the light ‘pixels’ that make up the perfect architecture of the cobweb, the work of the ‘biting tarantula’, on stage as a majestic element built according to the teachings of the traditionalLuminarie.

There were lots of plays of light taking place during the show and that made the stage always new, changing the scenery and fascinating the many viewers.
In addition to the great architect and designer Fabio Novembre, creative genius for brands such as Lavazza, RCR, AC Milan, the event also had the collaboration of a great artist, Jo’Campana, the famous lighting designer who has designed the sets and the lighting live tour of Ligabue, Vasco Rossi, Litfiba and Negrita. Honored to have worked in team with them in this adventure. See you there!


 La Notte della Taranta  2012

Even this year on August 25, the Augustinian Monastery in Melpignano hosts La Notte della Taranta, the biggest European festival dedicated to the traditional music.
For the setting of the Orchestra of La Notte della Taranta, conducted by Goran Bregovic, a stage set designed by Mimmo Paladino, one of the greatest representatives of the Transavanguardia, an art movement that seeks strong ties with the historical tradition, reinventing the past with a neo-expressionist figurative language.
It is a true masterpiece, which can evoke images of people of different ethnic groups together in a single large space, and that the Master Paladino wanted was ‘done’ by the Luminarie of the tradition of Salento, ‘tying’ so the project to our territory.
MarianoLight was commissioned to realize the great setting (consisting of 6 panels, 16 x 10 meters each) using wood, white paint, carving, small colored lamps, in a large collaborative work which involves about n. 12 technicians for more than 20 days and the use of 5,000 LED lamps, for a consumption of only 2,000 Watts thanks to this new technology.
Work in progress, everything has to be ready for LA NOTTE DELLA TARANTA 2012!
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