“We share the same Sun”

“Our brother, Master Sun, beautiful and radiant, In all his splendor Who brings the day and the light” to the eyes of the simple men, because they can the essential, the luminous image of God, since “He brings meaning of You, O Most High”
Our installation is inspired by the Hymn to Brother Sun, Ode to God and Hymn to Life, and by the sense of brotherhood of this Canticle, because there’s no distinction of sex and skin color.

We are rays of the same Sun!
We are waiting for you to share the same Sun from 7 to 10 of May.

Sun 24 mts diameter
Rays of Led Lights nr. 16: (8+8)
Rays RGB Led 31 mt
LED lamps total nr. 135.000
RGB lamps totali n. 50.000 – 147 Universi DMX
Electrical wires 12 Km



Maglie: Festa Patronale of San Nicola: 6-10 May 2017 “The Colors of Light”

The Colors of Light: “Color Is Life, Life is Light, Light is a Smile”

In this project we try to play with Perspective of the location … and with the Light, and the Emotions it can transmit to us. We are using and “experimenting” with a new technology of RGB lamps. Will we be able to carry us into an unreal world?

The installation consists of 15 Portals with different heights and 1 wedge of 32 meters x 7; all made with RGB technology.

Maglie: Festa Patronale of San Nicola: 7-10 May 2016 “The Squaring of the Circle – play of geometries”

“The squaring of the circle – play of geometries”

The project, implemented for the first time in Maglie on the occasion of the Feast of the Patron Saint Nicholas, is the result of playing with the ‘forms’ of the Luminarie and starts form the idea of ‘solving’ one of the great problems dating back to the origins of geometry: the “squaring of the circle”.

During the 15 days of its designing, an idea is coming off: if the circle represents the sky, from the unalterable circular motion, and the square represents the Earth that is the stability and the static nature.  In attempting to visualize the transition from the square to the circle, from Earth to Heaven, we found out another symbol, the Heart!

Our solution to the ‘squaring of the circle’ is the Heart that is Love!

Moreover, the position of this Heart in our project is purely by chance the chance a picture frame for the statue of Donna Francesca Capece, expressing the love that the city of Maglie has for its great benefactor!

A new installation with brand new light and musical effects: for the first time in a Patronal Feast we used 15.000 RGB changing color lights, these lights are programmed and individually controlled by a special software and create amazing light effects on sounds chosen to convey the emotion of this project.



Nr. 12 ‘circles’ of 6.5 mts diameter

Nr. 1 three-dimensional ‘square’ 18.5 mts high and 13.5 mts wide

Total Led lamps and micro lamps: 320,000

Traditional DMX channels: 71

RGB lamps: 15,000

Artnet channels: 50,000

Power consumption: 45 kW

Designing days: 15 days

Sound and light programming days: 18 days for three technicians

Installation Days: 20 days for averagely seven installers