ILLUMINATA CUNEO had been founded in 2015 for the inauguration of Via Roma restored to its former splendor.

Cuneo Illuminata, for the first edition, has had 700,000 visitors fascinated by the shows of lights and music and by the many events linked to it.

Light, color, music, fun, art, solidarity, culture, sharing, discovery, spirituality, hospitality: this is Cuneo Illuminata!

CUNEO ILLUMINATA 2017 from July 14 till 23 Luglio!

For the third consecutive year MarianoLight is in Cuneo for the Illuminata 2017.
This year Via Roma will be even more beautiful and will welcome visitors with two large light chandeliers at its entrance, a hanging sky with a flat vault and a gallery with all the colors of the rainbow!
The large initial portal will ‘frame’ it, as a great and beautiful masterpiece and the frame, at nightfall, will magically transform itself, because …. nothing is as it appears! Change your point of view and you will see Cuneo in another light!
• 1 initial portal 24 meters high and 24 meters wide
• 2 large chandeliers measuring 5 meters in diameter x 6 meters in height
• 22 arches along the course
• hanging sky with a flat vault length 16 meters x 14 meters height x 8 meters width
• 12 different music programs
• 120 dimmer channels
• 48,000 pixels
• total consumption KW 75

CUNEO ILLUMINATA 2016 is waiting for you from July 14 till 24!

The event is located in Cuneo at Piazza Galimberti! Each evening at 22.30 and then at 23:15 everybody with his nose up to enjoy the shows of dancing lights. This year we present 12 different light shows with ‘live’ surprises; more than a million people are expected to visit the town! Will we be able to satisfy all of them?

The special guest is the artist Arturo Brachetti, testimonial of the event: “The light is perhaps the oldest form of magic. For this reason, Cuneo Illuminata fascinates me, because it reawakens the Peter Pan who is in each of us. ”

Cuneo – L’Illuminata: July 4 – 14 July 2015

For the first time in Northern Italy there has been an out-and-out Patronal Feast as is customary in the South Italy and MarianoLight had the honor of being chosen to install its illuminations and light up with music.

For four centuries in Cuneo in the month of July, there have been solemn and religious celebrations in honor of the ‘Madonna del Carmine’, culminating in the great procession with thousands of flowers thrown from balconies to the passage of Her sacred image, and also colored drapes, light lamps and candles on the path. This year, to make the Feast even more charged with meaning, the Diocese of Cuneo has chosen the Light, the Light that illuminates the darkness, the light as symbol of life, the Light of the MarianoLight Sculptures, after having seen them in Valencia, Spain.

The intention is to carry the Feast in honor of the Saint Patron, the typical Southern Italy Feast, for the first time ever in a city of the North, to carry the warmth of the ‘Feast’, the emotional involvement and the participation of cheerful and spontaneous people… Great desire to create emotions choosing the switching of lights with music, with songs and lyrics specifically for this great and innovative event.

Every year the celebrations attract associations and confraternities not only from Northern Italy but also from Spain, France and Monte Carlo… Great awaiting for the event that is going to become a strong appeal.

Every night, at 10.00 and 11.00, the old town will shine with two different musical light shows by MarianoLight.